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Harvey S. - 1793
Zalmon Jr. - 1797
Loraine - 1799
Hiram - 1803
Henry S. - 1805
John Norman - 1809

Zalmon Ludington

Zalmon was born in Bedford, Westchester, New York in 1768 to Comfort and Elizabeth (Nickerson) Ludington. He married Phoebe Simpkins, daughter of Jeremiah and Rachel Simpkins at Bedford in 1792. Zalmon and Phoebe had 7 children. Zalmon passed away in 1813 and Phoebe in 1822.

When Zalmon passed away, his brother DeLafayette, a Methodist minister, adopted Zalmon's children. The family moved to Indiana in 1816 travelling down the Ohio via push boat to Shawneestown, Indiana then to Vincennes, Indiana. From there the family seems to have scattered to other areas of Indiana and Illinois. Harvey and Hiram to Danville, Vermilion County, Illinois and Henry to Knox County, Indiana. Hiram moved a lot eventually settling in Minnesota and John Norman to Pennsylvania and eventually to Cass County Iowa where he passed away.