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The Children
By Martha Rose

Henry - 1679
Elinor - 1681,
William - 1686,

By Mercy Whitehead

Mary (twin) - 1691,
Mercy (twin) - 1691,
Hannah - 1693,
John - 1694,
Eliphalet - 1697,
Elizabeth - 1699/1707,
Dorothy - 1702,
Dorcas - 1704

William Luddington II

1655 - 1737

William Luddington was born about 1655 in Malden, Suffolk County, Massachusetts to William and Ellen (Moulthrop) Luddington. William married first, Martha Rose, daughter of John Rose and Ellen Moulthrop Rose and second Mercy Whitehead, daughter of John and Martha (Bradfield) Whitehead.

On March 26, 1683, William had three persons n his family, estate 52 pounds, and land of 24 and a half acres. In 1702, he had eleven persons in his family, estate of 54 pounds and land 27 acres. In the land division of 1709 he was rated at 8 persons, estate 70 pounds and land 11 and one half acres. Records show that he must have been a man of intelligence and ability, and that he had the confidence of the parish in which he lived. William Luddington was appointed administrator of his brothers Henry's estate in 1676 and must have been 21 at that time. William passed away in February, 1737. His estate was probated February 7, 1736/1737, and the distribution to the several parties named in the will was made July 4, 1737, and is recorded in the New Haven Probate Records, vol. 6, p.222. The widow's thirds appear to have been insufficient for her support, as is shown by a deed from her to Gideon Potter of New Haven, dated October 17, 1739, in which she tells that "having by the providence of God been brought unto needy circumstances yet my many witnesses doth and may approve." Widow Mercy Luddington died November 23, 1743 age 75.

Her will, made January 7, 1742-1743, was presented December 5, 1743, when James Way, her son-in-law, was appointed executor. The will names son Eliphalet, grandchildren, viz; John Dawson's children, Benjamin Mallory's children grand daughter Elizabeth Goodsell, grandchildren, viz; John Luddington's children, Jude Luddington and Elizabeth Rose, granddaughter Mary Mallory, and daughter Dorcas Way. An agreement was made February 6, 1743-1744, between James Way, executor, and Eliphalet Luddington whereby he took certain lands and paid all debts and legacies, after which there was land in the amount of 20 Pounds. 2 set to each child or their heirs, with the exception of the heirs of John, the division being made September 3, 1744. Whether John's heirs were in fact omitted, or whether it was only an omission in copying, does not appear.

The Elizabeth Goodsell named in connection with the estate of Mercy Luddington is the Elizabeth Penfield named in the will and distibution of William Luddington's estate.

Martha Rose was born January 10, 1667 in East Haven, New Haven , Connecticut.