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Sources of Information on My Ludington Pages

The following links are sources of information used to provide the data on my web pages. Some of the sources are persons that do not have pages available but have provided valuable time and effort to provide information. Their help is greatly appreciated.

Ron "Da Wiz" Ludington, Karen Bush, Debbie Baxter, Heather Giles, Linda Northrup, John Baker, Jackie Postlewaite, Gayla Niemenen, Mary Croft and all the wonderful folks on the Ludington List.

Ancestry Genealogy Resources US GenWeb Home Page
Indiana GenWeb Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites
English Genealogy Michigan in the Civil War
Seekers Genealogy Bedfordshire Family History Society
East Haven Gene Pool State Archives on Line
Colonel Henry Ludington, A Memoir, by Willis Fletcher Johnson
Connecticut Historical Society Blake's and Pelletreau's Hist. of Putnam County
Danville, Ill. Hist. Society University of Michigan Archives
Ludington Home