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The Good Ol' Days

We are proud of our family legacy. Here are pictures of some of those who made our family history full of Love, Laughter, and Happiness. They taught us the values of life and family.

From left to right: Alfred Ludington, Harvey S. Ludington, Gertrude Gilbert Ludington, Verona Ludington, Vera "Billie" Ludington, Harvey S. Ludington Jr., Verna Ludington. Taken at the Ludington home in Ballard, Seattle, King County, Washington in 1925.

Motorman Harvey S. Ludington (right) and conductor H. T. Ingold
on the first trip over Green Lake when the line was inaugurated decades ago.
Taken on the Woodland Park trestle.

Alfred Ludington 1940's

Verona Ludington 1936
Seattle Eagles Ladies Auxilliary Drill Team

Lawrence L. Luddington (Date Unknown)

Verona Ludington Jones - 1992
Kelsey Hanmore and Denon Jones

Verona Ludington Jones - 1954


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