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The Original State


The Children

Thomas - 1637
John - 1640
Mary - 1643
Hannah - 1647
Henry - 1650
William - 1655
Mathew - 1657

The Luddington Family

From England to America

And Beyond

William Luddington I


William Luddington was born abt 1607 in Turvey, Bedfordshire, England and immigrated to the United States around 1637. He arrived in this country settling in that part of Charlestown, Massachusetts which afterwards became Malden. On 7 April, 1635 William married Ellen Nicholl, b/1617, in Wrawby, Lincolnshire, England. Their son Thomas was born in 1637 in England. Their other children were all born in the United States. He lived in Malden from 1637 to 1660 when he moved to New Haven, Connecticut. William worked in a foundry at the Iron Works in New Haven. Depositions given by William and Ellen in 1657 giving William's age as 50 and Ellen's as 40 establishes the years of their birth.

William's estate was probated on October 1, 1661, in Middlesex County, Massachusetts and an inventory filed there on April 1, 1662. His estate was also probated at New Haven, an inventory dated March 3, 1662/3 appearing in the New Haven Colony Records. At the time the inventory was presented to the Court at New Haven the record states that there was to be present at the next hearing "the widdow with him yet she was to marry". "NOTE": At this time Ellen was planning on marrying a John Rose.

When William Luddington died at New Haven, although his residence there must have been short, he owned a house and land and also another piece of one hundred acres. Luddington's real estate was on the river that divides East Haven from Branford, where there were iron works established in 1655.

William died in 1661 at New Haven, Connecticut.

The information on the marriage of William and Ellen comes from the book "Memoirs of Colonel Henry Ludington" by Willis Fletcher Johnson