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Elisha Luddington

1716 - 1778

Elisha Luddington was born 7 January, 1716 in East Hampton, Connecticut. His parents were Henry and Sarah (Collins) Luddington. He married Abigail Pierson, daughter of William Pierson and Sarah Morell, in East Hampton. Elisha and Abigail had the following children: Comfort - 1740, Asa - 1742, Elisha Jr. - 1744, Abigail - 1745 and DeLafayette. Elisha died in 1778 in Dutchess County, New York at the home of his son Comfort.

Elisha's will was written and witnessed on 24th day of March, 1777 in the Roumbouts Precinct, Dutchess County, Province of New York. Witnesses are: Robert Kean, Joshua Main and Saburl?? Main.

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